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Domeng Meets GMAX

Domeng is a driver and a trained mechanic of RICH-C Taxi, a medium taxi service company with 80 units of UV express and taxicabs for 15 years. Domeng thought and used to believe that all automotive lubricants are all the same, and it's just a matter on how to regularly change its engine oil and which one is the cheapest. As a driver and a father, life is really a challenge as Inflation rates or movement of prices of basic goods and services, showed no signs of slowing down as it further accelerates beyond. Taking care and providing for his family is no joke and Domeng had to keep up.

While on his routine maintenance, Domeng ran out of lubricant and had to go to the nearest automotive store. At the store, Domeng looked for his usual engine oil, but to his surprise it was out of stock. So to save time Domeng had to look for another brand but with a second thought because the next rack of lubricants is the leading brand and ofcourse it's expensive than his regular engine oil. While looking for the right lubricant Domeng was caught by a new brand which is the GMax Oil and Lubricants. Considering what is written on its performance features and its price that isn't far from his usual engine oil, Domeng took and bought   GMAX POWER ULTRA A super premium-quality, high-performance multigrade engine oil specially formulated for the demanding requirements of most on-and-off-road engine application. It is also ideal for use on turbocharged and supercharged diesel engines.

Domeng was amazed by his new engine oil - the GMAX POWER ULTRA, he instantly noticed the reduced engine drag, vibration and most of all the increased horse power output. He can now run more trips than he usually could, because the GMAX doesn't only increase horse power output but also minimize fuel consumption. Right now, Domeng is riding without tension and is very happy that he knew - not all brands are all the same and quality engine oil isn't EXPENSIVE.

Featured Product

GMax ATF III Dextron

GMax ATF Dextron 3 / Mercon

A premium-quality transmission fluid specially formulated for automatic and power shift transmission and some power steering application where a GM Dexron III specifications are recommended.